Hullo, WordPress.

Okay, I give up. Hullo, WordPress. I’ve moved my blog here. I was going to look for a free webhost so I could to the wordpress  as a CMS  thing, but meh. Since I’m employed (and plan to be for a long time) I realised I don’t really need a super-serious online portfolio. I just wanted somewhere to combine my blog and artdump in one place.

So yay for wordpress.

The Illustration, Photos and Graphics pages are up and running.

Published by Gab

Grumpy Pants; Occasional Clever Clogs.・ MNL 🇵🇭 x KTM 🇳🇵 ・ ♠️⚪️💜

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  1. gab! i know nothing more than css and am a wee bit rusty with it. how’d you get your wordpress to look like so? i already have a design in mind, but don’ know how to execute it using wordpress css. D:

    1. It depends, are you hosting it on your own domain, or using

      Since I’m on, I can’t really fiddle around with the css 😐 I’m using the Freshy theme and the only customization I can do is upload a custom header.

      If you’re hosting it on your own domain, you can fiddle with the css, but I haven’t tried it yet. XD

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