Hullo, WordPress.

Okay, I give up. Hullo, WordPress. I’ve moved my blog here. I was going to look for a free webhost so I could to the wordpress  as a CMS  thing, but meh. Since I’m employed (and plan to be for a long time) I realised I don’t really need a super-serious online portfolio. I just wanted somewhere to combine my blog and artdump in one place.

So yay for wordpress.

The Illustration, Photos and Graphics pages are up and running.

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Grumpy Pants; Occasional Clever Clogs.・ MNL 🇵🇭 x KTM 🇳🇵 ・ ♠️⚪️💜

4 thoughts on “Hullo, WordPress.”

  1. gab! i know nothing more than css and am a wee bit rusty with it. how’d you get your wordpress to look like so? i already have a design in mind, but don’ know how to execute it using wordpress css. D:

    1. It depends, are you hosting it on your own domain, or using

      Since I’m on, I can’t really fiddle around with the css 😐 I’m using the Freshy theme and the only customization I can do is upload a custom header.

      If you’re hosting it on your own domain, you can fiddle with the css, but I haven’t tried it yet. XD

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