R2D2 + 2

We were at Greenhills earlier and I adopted a couple more Artoos. They’re both previously owned, but I couldn’t resist.

New R2D2 # 1:

I thought it was kind of weird and cute that he was all squashed and hobbit-looking, but when you press the button on his back, he squirts water! I was looking to see if it had a Lucasfilm copyright on it, instead I found a Burger King Logo. I just spent 100php on something that came free with a fast food kids’ meal, but awesome Artoo water gun is awesome.

New R2D2 # 2:

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to buy it because it was yellowing with age and 250php. Then I noticed there was a hinge on either end. It took Derrick, me and the saleslady 15 minutes to figure out how it opened, but it was all worth it because…

…turns out it was one of those Mighty Max/Polly Pocket type things!

Jabba’s platform moves to release the trapdoor, and it comes with a little Luke Skywalker figurine. I was hoping it came with a little slave-girl Leia and the monster, but I guess that’s too much to ask for for a second hand toy.

It does come with Jabba’s ship though, and a stand to put it on.

There goes my no-impulse-buying rule. At least I didn’t buy the 1,100php R2D2 USB Hub. :p

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3 thoughts on “R2D2 + 2”

    1. Yes haha. My oldest Artoo looks unrecognizable too. My brother has a Darth Vader pencil topper thingie.

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