Boot Weather

The view from my office window:

The clouds! They’re eating the buildings! I feel like I’m in, “Howl’s Moving Castle” or, “The Neverending Story” where the shadows/darkness start taking over the world.

I love the weather though, since I have the misfortune of falling in love with shoes that aren’t meant for the tropics. Today’s just so drizzly and gray, it’s perfect for my mid-calf canvas boots.

This would make it the 3rd time I’ve worn these shoes since I bought them at that Korean retail surplus store 2 months ago. Technically, not an ukay-ukay find, but the 300php price tag puts them under that category.

Reasons why they’re made of awesome:

  • sneaker-type soles = comfy
  • suede and buckle detail
  • fleece lining
  • purple skulls & crossbones print 😀

If I’m going to be in a children’s fantasy novel, at least my feet look the part haha.


2 thoughts on “Boot Weather

  1. me want ze boots! wheres this “Korean retail surplus store”? do tell me, please? Hehehe. 😀


    1. It’s along the Mandaluyong City hall rotonda. The store sign says PC Brokers, but don’t be fooled. There be cheap korean swaggage inside.


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