Carnavale: Mermaid

I wanted to draw more Circus performers, but I couldn’t get anything decent done aside from the 2 trapeze artists I did before. So, I’m deviating a little.

Truth is, I just really wanted to draw a mermaid in an afro.

watercolour, coloured pencils, and techpens on water colour paper.  (better title to come, once i think of something)

Published by Gab

Full-time Grumpy Pants, Part-time Clever Clogs・ MNL 🇵🇭 x KTM 🇳🇵 ・ ♠️⚪️💜

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  1. I’m a mermaid in a circus, and I think this image is fantastic. Her hair is the best part – so, so cute!

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